1. IEEE LINK Student Branch Details Tool v1.0:

IEEE LINK Student Branch Details Tool where relevant information about all the current Student Branches in LINK are covered. The event count and activities are also provided. The Student Branch activities are tracked, comparisons are made and the final statistics are highlighted. A judgement on whether the Student Branch is active or inactive can be made with ease thanks to this tool. A similar analysis is made about HUB activities as well.

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2. IEEE LINK ePublicity Tool v1.0:

IEEE LINK ePublicity Tool enables Student Branches/HUB’s to send alerts regarding any new Events, Announcement, News and Newsletters to all student members under IEEE Kerala Section as HTML/Text mail with addressing personally.

The source of email addresses for IEEE LINK ePublicity Tool is the IEEE LINK Membership Database and LINK Portal Users Database. Each message gives the member an opportunity to opt-out of future e-mailings.

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