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IEEE LINK ePublicity Tool

Due to the high volume of ePublicity form submitted, processing time can take up to five business days.

  • Avoid last minute notices and allow 2-4 business days for processing.
  • Use links for members to download files. Avoid file attachments since not all members have high speed access and others may access their emails on mobile devices (e.g., Blackberries).
  • Avoid sending more than 1 notice per day. Combine as many notices as possible since your members are receiving notices from many other Organizational Units. Sending them too many notices will increase the number of members opting out of mailings.
  • Plain text notices are preferred with link to view full HTML version if available.
  • IEEE Organizational Units using this service are strongly encouraged to limit mailings to one per week. A formal policy is planned to be implemented by 4Q 2010.
  • Officer positions with authority to submit IEEE LINK ePublicity Tool are Chairs, Vice Chairs, Secretarys, Treasurers, LINK Reps, PRO's and Newsletter Editors.  All others require approval from the current Chair.

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